If it wasn’t for you I’d probably still be planning

You were a lifesaver during the planning process. I found it amazing how I could describe something to you and you could bring it to life. If it wasn’t for you I’d probably still be planning.  The amount of time you spent coordinating with the churches and vendors to find the perfect location was a lifesaver. It was great to be presented with options in order to make the final decision.  The effort you put in around the largest to smallest details made the big day amazing for me.

I cannot even begin to describe how thankful I was to have you as my planner when Hurricane Harvey rolled through Houston the weekend before the wedding.  The fact that you called the vendors prior to the hurricane, a few days in and after to find out their status and availability showed me how much you cared about making my wedding a success.  There is absolutely no way the wedding would have happened without you.  I know for a fact that I would not have been able to handle all of the coordination on top of the stress of not knowing if I would even have a wedding. I cannot say thank you enough! Anyone who hires you is making a smart decision because you are so dedicated to what you do. 

Thank you again for your marvelous efforts in making our wedding a success. It was a truly memorable weekend for all of us that will continue to be a highlight of our lives. 

Shay & Peter (Centennial Gardens, Houston, TX)

I want to wake up and do it all over again.

I wanted you to know that our wedding was perfect. I had the best day of my life. I joke with Nareg and tell him I want to wake up and do it all over again. it was so so much fun and I truly appreciate all of your help and making it all happen.

Renee & Nareg (Hotel ZaZa, Houston, TX)

I wish I could give her 10 Stars!

The manner in which we came across her services was pretty much serendipity. She turned out to be our neighbor next door, and we received her mail in our mailbox. My wife (at the time fiancé) had just talked about maybe looking into possibly hiring a day-of coordinator, so I had started looking up reviews (I still hadn't dropped off her mail yet). So, while on weddingwire.com, I came across a name I recognized...turns out it was SwaLaRue Events (which I saw on the letter), and she had excellent reviews. What were the odds, right? So I dropped off her mail the following weekend and inquired about her services and left our contact info so she could get in touch. She came over for a meet & greet and we hit it off so great. Anshwa is so down-to-earth and a very soothing presence. She always had an upbeat attitude and very positive each time we interacted with her. She met with us a few times to make sure she had everything she needed, and if we had any questions at all. She even suggested new ideas we hadn't even been aware of, as well as helped us with vendor recommendations on the few that we had not decided on yet.

On the day of the wedding, one vendor (one we had selected ourselves early on) pulled a very unprofessional move, and they decided they couldn't do the job they originally said they could do, and left the venue. Anshwa was able to rally one of her vendors on the spot, and they came out and handled business! She was already familiar with most of our vendors and everything fell into place for the night. She was on top of everything, and was pinpoint on the timeline, letting us know ahead of time when the next item on the timeline was about to take place and all of that. Honestly, the day and evening could not have gone any better and we are so happy that we hired her to oversee the big day. Thanks Anshwa! :)

Alex & Joyce (Pecan Springs)


We truly enjoyed our day.

Talk about stress-free and living in the moment! The attention to detail, along with listening to what our vision, made for a flawlessly executed day. Anshwa and SwaLarueEvents were referred by our good friend Marci after she did her wedding in Cancun... Read More which we attended. We knew after that beautiful event when our time came to tie the knot; we could trust her and see our dreams come true.

Adam & David (1940 Air Terminal Museum)

A professional to the nth degree!

I just wanted to tell you again how much I enjoyed working with you and your team. You are a professional to the nth degree (as were your assistants) and I appreciate the class and grace you exude, regardless of the situation

~Briscoe Mannor Coordinator (Richmond, TX)

A True Godsend!!!


I don’t know where to start…Anshwa is simply a true professional who did everything and anything in her power to make our dream wedding a reality. We couldn’t have made it do our special day without her! WE LOVE HER! Our wedding was 3 1/2 years in the making…and Anshwa was there for every minute of the planning. Warren, my husband, are both in the military and we went to West Point with Anshwa so we know her pedigree, firsthand! She does everything wholeheartedly, with passion and attention to detail. So, it SwaLarue Events was our obvious choice for coordinating our wedding, and it was the best choice we could have made. Anshwa has endured quite a bit with us during the planning of our wedding…two wedding date changes due to deployments to Afghanistan, my breast cancer diagnosis, six rounds of chemotherapy, my bilateral mastectomy…and on top of that me and Cleveland were in command of Soldiers at the same time, which is the most demanding job in the Army. So, when I say we gave her our thoughts and vision and she made it a reality that’s exactly what she did. We trusted her completely with making decisions and selecting vendors, because she had a complete understanding of what we wanted and what we needed. Again, I can’t say enough about her discernment and attention to detail. She knew us like the back of her hand, and that’s what we loved the most about her…it’s not just business with her, she wanted to know us as a couple and individuals. The love she has for her craft is unmatched and we would have been completely lost with out her. Words can’t truly express how much she means to us! A gift from God is what Anshwa is!

~Margaree & Cleveland (New Orleans, LA)

Very Flexible!

Anshwa was such a professional and sweet person to work with. I was definitely nervous about hiring someone I didn’t know or have a personal reference for to handle the logistics of my big day, but Anshwa was absolutely clutch. I had nothing to worry about from the time I handed over my materials and notes a month out. She is very flexible about phone and in person meetings which was super valuable to me as finding time to take off work to do all wedding related activities was tough. Overall, Anshwa is excellent at what she does, is extremely professional, and offers a great rate for her superb service. Thank you, Anshwa!

~Alex & Pablo (The Crystal Ballroom, Houston, TX)

Best Wedding Coordinator!!!

Anshwa from SwaLaRue events was absolutely amazing! She is very knowledgeable, organized, calm, and so easy to work with! She made sure that my wedding day went off without a hitch and kept my groom and I and all the vendors on track and on time all day! Also, she brought my vision to life at the reception and it was exactly how I envisioned it! I highly recommend Anshwa! If she is your wedding coordinator, you will not be disappointed!!!

~Kristie & Kris (Station 3, Houston, TX)

She made the wedding planning process enjoyable!

Anshwa and her team ensured that our wedding was memorable and unique! She provided awesome day-of coordination services to us for our 1920s themed wedding, bridal party and families. She covered the majority of the details for our wedding and any snags that ensued. There were several “incidents” that I learned about in the days and weeks following the wedding, but Anshwa was competent and handled them like a professional so that my husband and I could fully enjoy the day. I appreciate Anshwa’s knowledge and the vendors she provided. She made the wedding planning process enjoyable at every turn. I’d use her again in a heartbeat, and you should too!

~Jaimie & DeJuan   (The Crystal Ballroom, Houston, TX)

100% Groom Approved

Anshwa was the best!! I could not have selected a better planner for my wedding. I would use her again and again. I was completely satisfied with how she handled everything that I threw at her. She always delivered. She exceeded my expectations and as long as my wife had a smile on her face I knew we made the perfect choice. She gave us her best and then some. I will recommend her and her team if you want nothing less than outstanding service.

~Tamara & Timothy   (The Villagio, Houston, TX)


Anshwa is so amazing to work with. I was nervous about hiring a Day of Coordinator because I can be quite the control freak and I was concerned things wouldn’t be done “my way”, but I was SO wrong. From the time of our first meeting Anshwa listened to my wants and vision for our wedding day and completely made my dreams come true. She also does monthly checkin calls from the time of booking up until the wedding day and that really made me feel good so she knew what was going on during the planning process. Our wedding day went off without a hitch (or atleast if something did go wrong I never knew anything went wrong, and still don’t!). I highly suggest Anshwa, she will make your wedding day seamless and amazing. p.s. As we were getting ready at the venue we realized they did not have an AUX cord for us to use to listen to music and before we even knew she was gone she came back and had gone all the way to the store and bought an AUX cord for us! Seriously, she is great!

~Sarah & Drew   (Briscoe Manor, Richmond, TX)

God sent and lifesaver!!

Let me just say how much I LOVE and appreciated Anshwa during my wedding planning. I was one of those brides that wanted to plan it all and didn’t need a planner…blah blah blah. I heard about getting a “Day of Coordinator” to basically help with the details towards the end. We met with Anshwa and we both loved her at that moment. It really meant a lot to hear that she doest his purely for the love of weddings and people getting married. Well, I didn’t realize how much really went into planning a wedding and setting timelines and getting all the details of decor and other vendors together. I was so relaxed and stress-free because I knew she was taking care of it all and I didn’t have to worry about any one calling me or anything. Se seriously made this wedding for us the most amazing and fun wedding because I had no worries in the world! I HIGHLY HIGHLY recommend her for your wedding day. She loves what she does and she will not disappoint. Thank you Anshwa for EVERYTHING! You truly are a God sent and I’m so thankful to have gotten o know you!

~Amanda & Stephon   (Sugarcreek Country Club, Sugarland, TX)

Forever Grateful!

I’m am SOOOOO GRATEFUL that we went through with (your month of planning) and I am so grateful to you and your team! I cannot imagine that night going as wonderful as it did without you! I was especially having difficulty with my venue coordinator and you really rescued everything and put us both at ease. Once the wedding approached and deadlines needed to be made and all vendors needed to have arrival times confirmed I got extremely anxious and when you took over I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders. My entire bridal party and parents raved about you…we loved that we just mentioned an issue and you did whatever needed to be done to take care of it. I am certain that YOU are the reason everything went as smooth as it did and me and Adrian will be forever grateful! I had no idea all the little details that needed to be coordinated and you just took care of it all….especially being present for the rehearsal dinner..you did it all when our other coordinator was late! And making the time line handouts was extremely useful for everyone involved…better than sending a mass text! I will recommend to any couple that your services are invaluable and its probably the best service they could ever purchase for their wedding but it’s definitely what they need to have the most perfect night of their lives! Anshwa THANK YOU and your team for everything! Oh and our little care bag that you prepared for us….the book and champagne….You rock! That book was recommended to me and it was on my purchase list…you beat me to it and I’m so excited to start reading it! I can tell that this is truly your passion and I’m so happy that we met and I know we were soooo blessed winning your services! Love you Anshwa!

~Valarie & Adrian (Bell Tower, Houston)

A True Professional…

Anshwa of SwaLaRue Events is a true professional, and deserves to be at the top of the Wedding Industry. We love working with SwaLaRue Events for several reasons, one is that they are very organized and secondly, by keeping the day exquisitely styled and put together, they allow us to focus on what we do best. We work very well together and we highly recommend SwaLaRue Events for all of her services that she provides. You have found the perfect planner that keeps YOU at the center of your day.

Jeff & Amanda of Splendor Films (Dallas, TX)